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1-1 Honest Inquiry

In these 1-1 sessions Roxy uses embodied presence and multidimensional listening to guide you through the process of Honest Inquiry to discover the heart of the matter you are struggling with. The sessions will include a series of different processes, to assist you in meeting yourself more deeply and honestly. Using a combination of different approaches that are relevant to the individual in their present moment experience. These sessions are guided intuitively and can include but are not limited to explorations into physical health, career, relationships, purpose/meaning, finances, trauma etc.

Some of the possible benefits of us working together may include:


- More self-empowerment and awareness.

- More life-force and energy.

- Access to your inner wisdom and intelligence.

- Liberation of self-shame and judgement.

- Freedom from unhelpful beliefs, patterns and ways of being.
- More authentic self-expression.
- More regulated nervous system.

- Transformation of emotional constriction and pain, into more flow and aliveness.
- An embodied and grounded sense of presence.

- Deeper capacity to be with the fullness of life.

- Clarity and direction in your purpose.
- Improved relationships (especially to yourself)
- Realising your true nature.


Who are these sessions for?

Those who are sincerely ready for change and want to take full responsibility for their life and experience.

How does it work?

New Clients:


Are invited to book a 2 hour Honest Inquiry Discovery session.

- This will give the client a chance to meet Roxy, get a taste for the work and resolve any immediate challenges before a longer commitment is made for working together.

Previous Clients:

- These sessions are only offered in blocks of 8.

- Each session is 1hr and 15 minutes.

- They can be done both in person at Roxy's home studio or online via zoom.
- Sessions can be done either weekly or fortnightly.

- Each session includes take away pointers to use for integration between sessions.

- Email support from Roxy is also available throughout your time together.

- You have 5 months to complete all 8 sessions.
- All sessions are to be booked in advance and require a 24hour notice period to reschedule.


How do I sign up?

You can apply to work with Roxy here by sending a few sentences about what your intentions are for these sessions.

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