Spider Web

"We are like the spider. We weave our life and then move along in it. We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives in the dream. This is true for the entire universe."

― The Upanishads


This Holy Human Life is devoted to connecting people to the Holy (sacred) within and without, to increase our capacity to embrace this Human experience, in all of its rising and falling, arriving and departing, becoming and unbecoming, in the open-ended surrender to truth and love. Awakening the very heart of what it means to be radically alive, by discovering the place where the Holy and the Human merge. Where the miraculous and the mundane, the un-manifest and the manifest, the light and the dark are no longer experienced in opposition to each other, but rather as two expressions of one unified whole. So that a deep state of unity with all of life can arise, exactly as it is. As we move towards what could be, rejoicing in the great mystery and endless dance of realising our infinite nature. For it is only when we're able to see all the imaginable as possible, that we open the door for the unimaginable to reveal itself. To let go of the life we think we should be living, is to receive and discover, the Holy Human life that is our birthright.

Are you ready to?


Embrace all of life as not something happening to you but for you, as an opportunity to learn and grow.



Become aware of unconscious narratives & release suppressed emotions to heal old wounds, at the deepest level of your being.


Discover the energetic nature of reality and the co-creative power you have to shape reality, through shifting your perception.


Connect to nature as an expression of it, to balance the elements within and unite the divine masculine and feminine for a more harmonious life.


Transcend your fears, meet them as catalysts for expansion and wake up to the limitless life that is waiting for you.


Befriend your shadow and realise that your darkness is not in opposition to your light, but the portal to it.


Locate a deep state of inner silence and higher awareness to sharpen your intuition and increase your access to transcendental wisdom.


Allow your innate wisdom to penetrate on the levels of mind, heart and soul, so you can truly embody it, in all aspects of life.


Realise the true, infinite Self, beyond the mind and body. Not to escape life but to radically increase your capacity to be in unity and love with all of life.