Roxy Bryant

Sattva Yoga & Meditation Teacher | Shamanic Healer | Guide

Hi I'm Roxy, founder of This Holy Human Life. I've had an awareness of something 'greater' from a very young age, thanks to my mums stories of Spirit. But it was landing amidst a life-changing crisis at the peak of my successful dance career, that catapulted me on a rapid journey of healing, transformation and self-discovery.

Walking away from my London life, aged 23 to move home, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, IBS and many unexplainable symptoms that appeared overnight, plus the anxiety and depression that came with them. Forced me to start listening and the universe finally had my attention.

After doctors dismissed the potential for cure, I set out on a mission to heal myself. In a moment of desperation I heard an inner voice 'go and see a Shaman'. Sceptical yet willing, I had a profound healing with Jez Hughes and gained the visceral knowing I was more than just my body, which deepened my awareness of how interconnected all the layers of our multifaceted being are and how each impacts our health. In acknowledging all of them, my body made a full recovery in 2 years.

Whilst my physical health had returned, my healing had really only just begun. I have now spent the last decade devoted to my own healing, evolution and answering the deepest longing in my heart to be free and to find answers to the questions 'Who am I?' and 'Why am I here?', whilst serving others along the way.

In 2017 after closing down my company Awake Dance, with no plan. I ended up on a flight to India within a month and landed at the Sattva Yoga Academy. I completed my 200hr YTT, but it was so much more than that. It radically changed my life and bought me home to my true Self (as That, the Holy, unmanifest, infinite consciousness). My teaching days clearly weren't over, so I began teaching as soon as I arrived home. I have since trained to Master Level completing over a 1000 hours of training alongside teaching and guiding hundreds of people.

Shamanism has played a loose, yet magnetic roll in my life for the last decade but it wasn't until 2019 that my journey was bought full circle, when I was guided to do a 2 year Shamanic Practitioner training with Jez Hughes, of Second Sight Healing, without really knowing why. It was a powerful, and deeply humbling experience that assisted in grounding what I'd realised in the years previously, by literally bringing me back down into the Earth and the embrace of the divine mother. Here I deepened the realisation and embodiment of my true Self not only as That, but also of This (the manifest, the human, infinite Shakti/energy) and everything in between the two. This is where an even deeper unity was found, with all expressions of life, as love itself. But it wasn't until two days after the training finished, when I spontaneously met a stranger in a hardware store, that was really in need of a healing. That I finally surrendered to the call of Spirit to do this work and people haven't stopped coming, so choice-lessly choosing to show up in whatever way grace demands of me, surrendering my personal 'wants', here I am entering trance, banging my drum and rattle. When all I ever wanted was to be a dancer!

My Shamanic Training also initiated huge change in my personal life, which led me to relocate from London to Hastings, where I currently live and run Holy Human Studios. Offering 1-1 healings, group classes, ceremonies and courses in both the healing magic of Shamanism and the transformational practice of Sattva Yoga. Forever finding new ways to weave the two oldest spiritual traditions on Earth, in the most relevant way for our modern times. To assist people in discovering their unique connection to the Holy within and without, to provide 'the need of the hour' for each individual to heal and transform anything preventing them from realising their true nature and the miraculous life that's their birthright.


Living a life of Dharmic Service and devotion, I embody the notion 'You can only take others, as far as you have been yourself' and continue to live a life in deep Sadhana and remain an eternal student of Yoga, Shamanism and essentially the great mystery of this life.

I look forward to connecting with you on the path.

In Love and Grace,