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Join Roxy in her first event post lockdown, to celebrate and honour life through this re-birthing back into the world on Beltane. Beltane symbolises the peak of Spring and the transition into Summer. Through the power of the fire both within and without, we will cleanse and purify on the levels of mind, body, emotions, energy and soul. Offering all that is no longer relevant to the fire to be transmuted and released, so we can plant fertile seeds of our hearts deepest intentions and access the unlimited creative potential to heal and transform our lives.

The evening will include:

~ Shamanic ritual to open the space and connect with the 7 directions.

~ A Kriya Yoga practice of meditative breath-work.

~ A Yagya (ancient Vedic fire ceremony) to cleanse and purify.

~ Intention Setting / Prayer

~ Celebratory Kirtan / Song / Community Sharing.

~ Closing down the space

Please Note: This event will take place outside once your place has been booked you will receive more info / preparations for the evening and what to bring.

WHEN: 1st of May

TIME: 7-10pm (arrival from 6.50pm)

INVESTMENT: £23 early bird price until April 24th, £26 thereafter.

(Due to a limited number of spaces, this event is advance booking only).


Monthly Puja, Meditation & Kirtan

Roxy holds space at Holy Human Studios once a month for the growing community that surrounds her work, to come together in connection, love, devotion and community.

This monthly event starts with Puja an ancient sacred ritual practiced for thousands of years to connect to the divine within and without. By dropping into a deep state of receptivity and love, through a series of offerings and mantras. Those attending also receive a blessing and opportunity to invoke their prayers.

We follow Puja with a silent Sattva Yoga Meditation practice to deepen our access to the field of silence. To learn how to be initiated into this practice please click here.

After a closing ritual to tune into our hearts deepest intention for our lives, we end with some Kirtan chants, to celebrate this life, for all that it is.

WHEN: The last Sunday of each month.

NEXT DATE: 30th May (pending covid restrictions).

TIME: 9.00am until approximately 10.45.

INVESTMENT: This event is on a donation basis only.

(Due to limited space registering attendance is still required).

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