To that which cannot be known, I bow.


-Rig Veda

Integrative Yoga Classes - Weekly Timetable


The classes below are all held at Roxy's home studio.


The Yogis Yoga Class ~ Monday's 7-8.30pm (fully booked).

The Yogis Yoga Class ~ Tuesday's 7-8.30pm (2 spaces).

Location: The Holy Human Studios, TN35 4NP.

(You will receive the full address after booking)

Class Descriptions:


The Yogis Yoga Class is an integrated practice for anyone who wants to commit to a regular weekly Yoga practice and is sincerely interested in their healing, evolution and expansion of consciousness. These intimate classes, are for the soul seeking, freedom longing people, who are passionate about moving from a fear-led life to a love-led life. For those who want to deepen their access to the field of silence and discover who they truly are. So they can realise their infinite potential of being and live a purposeful and blissful life. Whilst connecting with a group of like-minded people each week, which allows for the practice to be progressive in nature.

You will be guided through a gentle, meditative and restorative practice that works in a deep way to heal, transform and balance on the levels of mind, body and soul. This class is very stabilising for the nervous system, which can improve sleep, reduce stress, anxiety and depression. This is not a drop-in class and anyone wanting to attend needs to be willing to commit to the weekly classes, as there is limited spaces.


The Yogis Yoga Class ~ 5 Classes = £50 (Low Income) | £60 (Average Income) | £70 (High Income)

(With trust people can discern what is affordable for them, based on their current financial circumstances, if this is still out of financial

reach for you please contact me explaining your situation).

Cancellation Policy:

- Cancellations made less than 24hours in advance and no shows by the student are strictly non-transferable / refundable.

- A maximum of 1 cancellation per 5 week block is permitted and must be made a minimum of 24hours in advance.

- 5 weekly block payments only, all classes are to be used in 5 consecutive weeks and not on a drop-in basis.