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Honest InquirY 

The Honest Inquiry Approach is a set of principles that form the underlying essence to all of Roxy's work, in the variety of expressions it takes. They are a somatic approach to self-inquiry, that arose naturally through the direct experience of Roxy's own ever deepening embodiment of true inner-freedom. The increased capacity to be with the wholeness and totality of life, exactly as it is. The approach is based on the notion that the depth and capacity to which we can be truly honest with ourselves and meet the fullness of what is here in our present moment experience, is directly proportionate to our capacity to liberate ourselves.

The Honest Inquiry Approach is a direct, simple and yet profound set of principles to assist one in embodying and realising their true nature. They are free from dogma, belief systems and rules, making them accessible to all, for your own lived experience takes precedence over teachings or concepts.

Key Principles Include

  • Radical Self Honesty

  • Embodied Awareness

  • Innocent Inquiry

  • Allowance

  • Insight

These principles form the underlying essence to Roxy's classes, workshops and 1-1's but are not limited to them.

She looks forward to sharing them with you in a variety of ways.

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