Enter the Forest of Your SELF

Step in.

Tiptoe, skip, run or shake, as your move towards the very light of your existence. Float, stomp or walk, just keep moving towards the longing in your heart. Follow the subtle whispers of your soul and the spirit of the winds. Fear will come, it's inevitable and part of the adventure, for without fear, freedom would have no value. So smile at it softly, your job here is not to eradicate it, or fix it, only to always keep more love in your heart than fear, more trust in your heart than fear, more joy in your heart than fear. As you continuously move beyond it, arriving to exactly where you're suppose in all moments. As you swing your hips and sway your arms, meandering through the trees brushing away the cobwebs and debris of the past. Freeing yourself from all that's been and gone, as you die into your Self. A crumbling and dissolving of what once was. So life as you knew it, can be revealed forever in new ways, so you can meet greater & greater depths of who you are.

As you arrive deep into the forest, the illusion begins to shatter, like the openings in the branches, allowing the sunlight to pierce through, like the veil of perception as it begins to lift, allowing your light to shine. So you can experience the undeniable love that has always been loving you, the unity that shows you were never alone, the perception to see all the pieces of the puzzle that now make sense and the indescribable signs and guidance you received a long the way, that bought you right here. Over the rocks. Through the mud and around the bends. You always knew you were going someone, there was a reason for it all, a bigger purpose, as your moved towards the light on the horizon. Only you never knew it was leading you right HERE to your Self. To where you've always been. Whilst on the way and even sometimes now. It seems so far & yet, it is right here. Everywhere, up down and all around. But just as the sun rises, the moment you touch it, that warmth, ecstacy, it sets again. Gone. Like a distant memory. To rise once more, yet it is always here, even when it moves beyond the horizon leaving you in darkness. Out of sight, but still here. As you are, as your light is, always, right here.

Yet even in this knowing, this arrival, this coming home. It can be like you're here and then you're not, this constant fluctuating, coming and going. Sometimes the deeper you go, the muddier it gets, the more rocks and leaves appear in the most unlikely places, it's like you're fully submerged, being pushed to make hard decisions, as you release all that's no longer aligned with your true Self. Including many of your own habits & behaviours. Their may even be moments where you feel more lost, than you did before. Like 'can't I just go back to when life made sense', yet truly you know it didn't then either, you were just unaware of all that has now been bought into your clear view. It's like a crazy identity crisis, not knowing how to live in the world now, knowing what you know, seeing what you see, cause everything's changed. You've changed. Therefore so has the world, for the world is as you are. Keep going into your Self, you can't go back, surrender, let the winds carry you and know this. You didn't come this far, not to go allllllllll the way and the only way out is IN, but I mean all the way IN. The deeper you go, the higher you flyyyy. But all the while you are lingering in the middle, just dipping your toes in the mud, instead of moving through it, it will feel like you're playing tug of war with life. The old & the new. What was and what IS. The Ego & the Self.

So leap, jump, dive deep, alllll the way in. Until you're fully submerged, head over heals in LOVE. When it feels like you're dying, when the pain gets too much to bare, know that there is actually no dying at all, the pain you feel is just the resistance to change, resistance to realising your beauty and how infinitely bright you are supposed to shine. The clinging on to the known and fear of losing your Self, is also an illusion. You can't! You are right here, you can never be anywhere else, you will always be right here in the eternal now. All that's dying is the illusion of who you are, the conditioning, the karma, the small version of you, the safe you, you suppressed you, the shameful you, the judgmental you, the angry you, the victimised you. So let go. Shed the leaves of the whole damn forest.

For when you do, you will find the most sacred of treasures, your unique gifts, deepest unique expression and all that you have ever seeked, right here within the very forest of your Self. To meet your Self fully, is a coming home with the most intense familiarity, for here is where you have always been. Just waiting, nudging, pointing, screaming for you to realise. It's okay, you're safe, you're held and so very deeply loved and supported by the whole of existence. For you are it, within and without.

In Love & Light,

Roxy xxx