Let the Fire of Your Soul Lead the Way

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Life is a funny old thing isn't it. So many twists and turns. When I look back at the journey I've had so far in this incarnation, it literally blows my mind. Whilst simultaneously makes me laugh hysterically at it all, like you literally cannot make this shit up. So many profound moments all holding such relevance, magic and divine timing, to bring me to this very moment, as I sit and write today with a heart fuller and more grateful than I could have ever possibly imagined. But for no frigging reason at all, just because. Along with this deep knowing that multiple incarnations have bought me to this moment, lifetimes upon lifetimes of evolution, putting in the work, to bring me to a place where I feel like I've ARRIVED. Like wow, here I AM. This is me and I've been here all along. It's so hard to put it into words, they're so limiting when it comes to experiences that extend far beyond the linear mind, but it makes me want to scream, jump, sing, dance, stomp and cry with delight. Like fucking hell is this really my life? When I look at my former self I don't even recognise the person I once was, the deep pain, suffering and aggression I carried tirelessly and expressed uncontrollably. Yet it is exactly that, which allows me to empathise, guide and relate to those in the very same suffering I once was. Which birthed my deep devotion and passion, to guide people back to wholeness, by realising their true Self and authentic nature.

When people ask me for my best tip or bit of advice on the path of awakening, whilst it seems so simple, it will always be without a shadow of doubt to let the fire of your soul lead the way. Me, my soul has been and always will be my greatest teacher. Guiding me through it all, always knowing exactly which way to go, when my analytical mind had no clue or reason. That fire that burns within each and every one of us, so deeply to the core, listen to it, harness it and trust it fully. Not just when you prefer its guidance. Drop all preferences for the outcome of your life. All expectations. It might be challenging, it might terrify the shit out of you and mean burning through all the 'baggage' and conditioning you carry, maybe some people, your work, opinions and beliefs. But know this and know it well. REALLY here me. I promise, it will never burn YOU. For you are it and it is YOU. That fire that burns, turn to it, allow it to engulf the entire content of your mind, your past, your entire being, until all that's left is the wild, untamed, uncontrollable, fire of your soul, eternal consciousness. That is the only thing that can truly bring you back to wholeness, to your true Self. But how? To step truly into your authentic power, first one must be ready to drop absolutely every single ounce of the desire to be liked and every single ounce of the fear of being disliked. These are an inevitable part of life either way and the fire of my soul would rather walk a lone than to walk amidst people and places that dampen my fire. 'Isn't it lonely', you might be thinking? But when you are so deeply connected to the vastness of the entire universe, you can never feel alone.

Books, teachers, gurus, healers can provide you with a lot and I continuously bow in deep gratitude and reverence for all of mine. But what is it that led you to them in the first place? The fire of your soul. That is why they should never be replaced by the deep knowing you have within you, no matter what. Any teachings, philosophies, gurus or healers that are relevant, will always bring you into a deeper state of who you are. More love. More light. More wholeness. Bringing you more deeply in tune, with the fire of your soul. They will resonate within that fire of your soul on every level. If they no longer do, then maybe they are not relevant anymore. Absolutely everything serves a purpose, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to stay. If I have learnt anything since my awakening it's that the moment you think you know, is the exact same moment that the fire of your soul will come along and shatter it. For truth really has no end, we are in a constant state of change and expansion. So don't settle on any beliefs, philosophies or concepts. Know what you know in your heart in each and every moment, whilst knowing you know nothing at all. Sounds crazy right? But the more you can stay open to the possibility of more, by staying present in the now and listening to the fire of your soul the more possibilities for evolution and truth will open up to you.

I'm sure you've had many, 'omg YES, this is it' moments in your life, only to be replaced by something else a few months later (assuming you've listened). I've had a tonne. You see we often think it's one way, or no way. I know that every single part of the whole has been so relevant to my unfolding of life and healing, there are endless opportunities for exploration and growth. I will continue to listen to the fire of my soul, wherever it may choose to take me. Because what I have come to realise, is that the wild fire of my soul cannot be tamed, cannot be controlled, cannot be boxed or bound by ANYTHING. Absolutely NOTHING at all. Not my name. Not my gender. Not my thoughts. Not meditation or yoga (except the state). Not vegan food. Not being a teacher, a partner, a daughter or friend. NOTHING. These are things I do, they are not what or who I am. Eternal bliss consciousness. I am the blazing forest fire, that destroys everything that keeps me from being my wild, free, unbound, timeless, authentic nature that is love. The second it begins to feel like it is, the second I start to accept or settle into anything it friggin roars, it comes screaming and shouting to burn the hole place down to ashes. So I can be reborn anew and each time, more whole than before.

What is it that enables me to do this and continuously follow the fire of my soul? I don't actually know anything when it comes to the outcome of my life or what it will look like in 10, let alone 30 years from now and I have absolutely no desire to know. There was a time when I did, I needed to have all the answers. I had plans. Big visions. They were all shattered one after the next but always to reveal something better. Whilst I still do have plans and visions. They are fluid and always open to change as I find myself in a place where I no longer fear but actually thrive, on the magical mystery and unravelling of the fire of my soul. That is the only place we can be free. All the while you still have a strong preference about the way life should be, you are stuck in the trap of your ego-mind. The wild fire of my soul was lost. Now it is found and it is all I will ever need. The only thing that I do know, is that the wild fire of my soul, KNOWS all I will ever need to know in this lifetime and the next and the next. It will take me wherever I am supposed to be, just like it bought me here. So will yours, if you just continuously turn to it, listen to it, trust it until you're sat amidst its flames. Until they've burnt everything, leaving only the flames. YOU.

Just remember my promise. They will not burn YOU, for you are them and they are YOU, within and without.

Love and Light,

Roxy X