What Is My Purpose?

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

So for my first full blog post, I thought why not start with that burning question, I’m pretty sure every single human being on the face of the planet, has asked or pondered at some point in their life. What is my purpose? It’s as if the question is hard wired into our psyche, maybe the outcome of thousands of years of social conditioning passed down through generations. I mean, who doesn’t remember being asked as a child what do you want to be when you grow up? Along with all the social expectations around going to school, then college and university, all to get that ‘job’. We’re living in the age of information and there has never been more people claiming that they have the magic tools, to help you find and live your purpose.

The emphasis that’s placed on finding your purpose, leads us to obsessively seek everything we possibly can outside of ourselves, new car, new job, new phone, new home, to fill the void that’s left, by not knowing what our purpose is. But feeling like we should and that we’ve failed at life for not knowing what to do with it. Some people leave school knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives, some people don’t. Some people never have a clue. Some people live their parents dream. Some find it much later and for some it keeps changing.

I always thought I was one of the 'lucky' ones who did. At the age of 14 I fell head over heals in love with dance, I had found my ‘purpose’ and knew it was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had an incredible 10 year career dancing, teaching, choreographing but after my awakening and an intense healing process (shedding, releasing, facing my shadow, dropping my ego, meeting my true self) everything began to shift and dance gradually slipped away. I tried for a while to hold on to it, by moulding my dance practise to fit the person I'd become, until I realised it was just no longer serving my higher self and I gave it up all together. (Except for the wild type ;) I do at home and in my healing journeys, haha). But this process and the years following, completely shifted my perspective on purpose and what it truly means.

What if your life here has nothing to do with finding your purpose but in living a purposeful life. You must be thinking but how can I live a purposeful life, without knowing what my purpose is? Earlier I proposed that this search for your purpose, was maybe the outcome of years of conditioning. But what if it runs deeper than that? What if your only purpose here is to evolve and realise the fundamental nature of who you truly are. You see the need to evolve, is not only because we’re hard wired or conditioned to find our purpose. But because it’s the fundamental nature of our existence. Everything in nature is constantly evolving and expanding and we are an expression of nature. Totality, expressing itself in human form. Everything in existence is in a dynamic state, it’s just the law of the universe.

The issues arise, when this nature to evolve is turned outwardly, instead of inwardly. Because finding ‘my’ purpose, usually exists within the conditioned ego-mind, separate from the whole, disconnected from totality and your true self. So no matter how much we seek our purpose, whether we think we've found it or we haven't. If the purpose or lack of purpose exists within the illusion of an isolated sense of self. We are always left feeling empty. Alone. Depressed. Lost. Even if we’re one of the 'lucky' ones, who has found their ‘purpose’ like I thought I was, with dance.

When you realise and surrender to the truth, that your purpose here is to evolve, to move in the direction of love,unity and your true self, then you will naturally start to live a purposeful life and find meaning and magic, in even the smallest of moments. But you have to be ready and willing, to let go of everything you think you are and know, in order to discover who you truly are and what you might become. The discomfort of the known, has to outweigh the fear of the unknown. Letting go of dance definitely taught me this, as at one point it defined every ounce of my being.

I also know that every single moment that came before this one is relevant. Just look back over your life, into your heart and see that there has always been something guiding you. All those times of despair, confusion, sadness, that just miraculously turned out okay and taught you loads in the process. You see once your realise your purpose here is to evolve, you begin to realise that everything that is happening, is happening for YOU. However 'good' or 'bad' it is. In knowing this, you will automatically start to live a more purposeful life. Living purposeFULLY, is showing up FULLY in each and every moment. Right now, I could say my purpose is to serve others, through Sattva Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Health Coaching and Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance. But I have no attachment to any of these things and they don’t define who I am or my wholeness. Right now, in this moment in my life they are supportive and aligned with the evolution of my soul on every level, will they be in 10 years who knows? What I do know is that I choose to live life fully and show up in every moment, always choosing to move towards greater values of truth and love. Allowing the divine will of the universe to flow through me, to reveal the way, trusting my intuition first and foremost, without hesitation. Because what I have realised, is that as we evolve our ‘purpose’ will evolve too if you allow it. So don’t get too attached to your purpose, allow it to evolve as you do so that it doesn't define you and definitely don't allow what anyone might think or say if it changes, to affect your decisions.

I've been 100% certain that my purpose was a few things throughout my life. In the moment it was true. Now it is not. It's only the ego that clings to the identities and labels, in a bid to remain in control. It's not weakness to accept change, it's actually the bravest and most courageous thing, to be completely honest with yourself in each moment and say NO to anything that is no longer serving you. When you do, you might just land somewhere beyond your wildest imagination, for the mind can only imagine what it already knows. I'm here to tell you that there is always MORE! Remain open and in complete trust, which is the greatest expression of love. Live as that love, as that light, allow the great mystery of life to reveal itself and you will start to experience what it truly means, to live a purposeful life.

P.s you cannot fail at life ;)

Love and Light,

Roxy X