If trauma can be passed down from

your ancestors, so can their wisdom,

power and light.




Shamanism is as old as humanity itself, this ancient healing practice has been honed over tens of thousands of years yet remains as relevant today, as when it first developed (or even more so, due to the demands of our modern lifestyles). Since we first walked the Earth, we've used ritual and ceremony to feed the innate longing in all of us to connect with our true Self/Soul through something greater than us, Nature, Spirit and the Universe. The Shamanic view is that when this connection is lost, vulnerability to the development of mental and physical illness arises.

Shamans see the whole universe as alive and made of energy, this energy or 'life force' has its own intelligence. Without spiritual practices, rituals and ceremonies, to cultivate and maintain this life force flowing through us, it can become blocked as the result of physical / emotional trauma, behavioural patterns, limiting belief systems etc. These blockages can eventually manifest as physical illness, anxiety, depression etc...if they're not transmuted.

Because the Shaman perceives the simple truth; that we are all made of the same energy, he/she is able to influence it by entering an altered state of consciousness or trance state (also known as Sonic Driving) through the repetitive rhythm of the drum, rattle, breath or movement. This takes them beyond this physical reality, into the timeless dimension where they become a vessel for this intelligent life-force energy or 'Spirit'. This allows them to retrieve information and insights, that can have a profound influence on our lives in this time-bound reality.

The shaman does this on behalf of someone else, to assist in healing any imbalances that are occurring for a person in their lives. By travelling to the energetic root cause of illness and imbalance, a persons true power can be restored. Whilst simultaneously aligning them with their own true nature, so they can access the innate wisdom and healing power that resides there and within all of us.



1-1 Shamanic Healing

Roxy offers 1-1 Shamanic Healings from Holy Human Studios a sacred space in her home dedicated to all her in-person work. She also does distance healings, for those who are not able to see her in person.


Techniques used:

Energy Extraction

Through everyday life we can find ourselves loaded up with 'intrusions' or 'blockages' in the flow of our vital life-force energy. These intrusions have a negative affect on our physical, mental and emotional well being. Most commonly they are negative thought forms about ourselves, with an energetic charge attached to them, which depletes us, resulting in a disconnect from our true Self and authentic power. A deeper layer to this, is past experiences or traumas that haven't been properly resolved and released, which become stored in the cells bio-memories.


This powerful work involves going to the heart of the problem to release the emotional or energetic charge that is holding these intrusions in place. This allows healing to happen and enables us to change the destructive patterns and belief systems, that keep us in suffering.

Power Retrieval


Once energetic intrusions have been removed, our power can be restored, through an increase of intelligent life-force energy flowing through us. The greater the flow of life-force energy, the greater the power we have. We also have powerful allies in the invisible realms that protect and support us on our life path. They are always nudging, guiding and protecting us. But when we are loaded up with intrusions, we have generally lost a lot of our power and thus are disconnected from them (not listening to signs / synchronicities / intuitions). When this connections is restored and we remember who we are, as powerful co-creators we can reclaim our ability to trust in the guidance we recieve both within and without, to make the decisions that are best for our lives.

Ancestral Healing

We inherit DNA from our ancestors. We can also inherit a lot of unresolved wounding that has been passed down our family line, often without realising it. This has now been shown on a scientific level, through the study of epigenetics. We live in a psychological age and often look to experiences in our lives that may have set up destructive 'patterns' that repeat themselves later in our lives. However, sometimes the 'patterns' go back to before we arrived here, making them more difficult to resolve.

This powerful healing involves going directly to the source of the ancestral wound and healing it, to free the person who has inherited its burden. This also has the positive affect of allowing greater access to the ancestral gifts and wisdom that have also been inherited but may being laying dormant.


Whilst more rare, work may also be carried out for the release of deceased relatives or friends that have been unable to pass over from this world fully. This can happen for a variety of reasons - e.g unresolved trauma or simply not fully understanding that they have passed on. The dead often need as much healing as the living, and by healing the dead we also heal the living. It is the shamans job to assist lost souls in transitioning over.

Soul Retrieval

Whenever we experience trauma in our lives, part of our true nature or essence, can become lost. In modern psychological terms this process is called 'disassociation'. It is a natural self-preservation method, similar to the flight or fight response, but on a soul/energetic level. Problems occur when the part of us that gets lost remains permanently disconnected from who we are. Either through sudden trauma (PTSD is a classic symptom of soul loss) or if the part cannot return due to a chronic situation (like ongoing emotional, physical or mental abuse).


We can also give away part of our soul through difficult life choices or over identifying/attaching our wholeness to a particular person, narrative or thing. 'They have a piece of my heart...' or 'I've never been the same since...' These are classic signs of soul loss. Other symptoms of soul loss can be addiction (literally trying to fill the hole left in us); emotional dependency (looking for that part of ourselves in others); acute anxiety ; vague feelings of having lost part of ourselves; depression etc.


This powerful healing tool always comes at the end of a healing, when the energy body has been prepared and cleansed thoroughly. The soul part then has a much greater chance of integrating and returning the person to wholeness.


Once the healing has taken place, health is restored and a huge window of opportunity opens for the individual to reclaim the joyful, empowered and beautiful life, that is their birthright. By taking radical responsibility for any change that is needed in their life. For, when we are alive and well in spirit, we are alive and well in life, for we are spirit and life itself.

The Healing Includes

- Time and space to talk and share your intentions for the healing.

- The healing itself which will not always include all of the above, but whatever is most needed in the moment for each individual which is guided by Spirit.

- Time afterwards to integrate and discuss the healing that took place.

- You will also receive an integration ritual and / or practice for you to use after the healing.


- Each healing takes anywhere between 2-3 hours.