“As above, so below, as within, so without".


- Hermes Trismegistus





Thank you for one of the most incredible evenings of my life. I honestly have been feeling so anxious and stuck​ at the moment, I can feel energy of my old self still trying to sit here and be validated but you've allowed me to see my true self and feel as though I need to do this workshop more often and learn more about kundalini Shakti. You've inspired me, changed my life and I'll be forever grateful.

​- Sattva Yoga Event Attendee @ She's Lost Control London

Sara Maurizi

I had a 1-1 Bespoke Sattva Yoga Journey with Roxy. It was an amazing experience and I am so thankful for being guided on this journey. Words are not enough to say how much this experience has helped and inspired me. Immediately after the journey I felt relieved and calmer on many aspects. My digestion and stomachache has gotten much better and I was finally able to have a good nights sleep after weeks of not sleeping properly. 

I can feel some shifts but can just allow them to happen and it actually feels nice to experience some emotional moments and different energies, as it brings me back to myself and raises my awareness. I feel like it is very easy to get into the rush of doing things and running all over the place and to forget ourselves. This journey has helped me come back to myself and at some points, go beyond my physical body. I am very grateful for this.

I advise this journey and experience to everyone and am eternally thankful to Roxy for having guided me into the process of discovering my true being. Roxy is a generous and incredible person, full of energies and healing vibes. 


-​ 1-1 Sattva Yoga Journey

Regina Vass

I'm so grateful for the Universe that these classes running very close to my home. I love every moment of the journeys and I am very-very grateful that I found Roxy. I really feel that attending to her classes is the best thing happening in my life so far and I am honestly not exaggerating. I have always known that there is a reason for me coming to this country but I didn't know what it is...now I am sure that to find Roxy and Sattva Yoga was one main reason. Experiencing this wonderful practise has already changed my life in many ways! 

​- Sattva Yoga Classes